Based on Mallorca since 2017, iLLiz is tattooing out of Laureato Tattoo in beautiful Palma, capital of the island.

Spending several years in Hamburg at uni,  iLLiz decided to dedicate her time and talent to the challenging and diverse art of tattooing. Understood as a mix of handcrafting, art and service, tattooing means for iLLiz to work out the possible best result, which leads from planning and designing to finally setting the ink under the customer’s skin.

Dotwork and blackwork mixed with geometrical elements and sacred patterns – iLLiz’s style varies from medieval over graphic to futuristic. Most of her designs are inspired by nature, as you will find floral themes and animals as well as landscape scenes, often framed by a delicately elaborated space sphere, always focusing on a highly aesthetic look.

Certified Tattoo Artist by the EETP Barcelona, European School for Tattoo & Piercing.